This cabaret act was made in response to the ban on female ejaculation in British Porn in 2014. The new legislation claims female ejaculation is a fiction. Ejaculation is an act that some women experience whilst other's don't, much like how some women are stimulated through penetration others through clitoral stimulation. Face sitting and fisting were also banned, rendering the female body passive. It felt crucial to celebrate an active, giant squirting vulva. This piece was initially created as a solo piece. Lady Vagina was first performed at Thrush, Yeast London Cabaret 2014. 

Photo taken by Beartix Blaise


Lady Vagina evolved from a solo act into a 3 hander through collaboration with Oozing Gloop. Since then Lady Vagina has toured the country with her adult babies, most crucially her star baby, Kevin Le Grande. This mothering, sexy, domestic fucking vulva debuted at Toynbee Studios for Steak House Live, has starred alongside David Hoyle in his guest slot at Ausform Festival, has performed at the alternative, queer night Thorny at The Cube Bristol and returned to The Glory London, for Thrush Yeast London and Shoreditch Town Hall for The Wardrobe Ensemble's Sex Party. 

The third iterance of this piece was made for Butch. Please! In response to Donald Trumps "locker room talk"... where he proclaimed "Just grab her by the Pussy". Well this pussy bites back.